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A separate web page has been included for the following Product Areas.

For detailed information on any of our products, please submit our Information Request Form.

Drillers World is a Distributor for the following Companies and Products used in  Horizontal, Geotechnical, Diamond, No-Dig, Directional & Environmental Drilling.

Air-Spade Air evacuation of holes.

Asahi Diamond Products incl: Thinwall Tubes, Core Bits, Core Barrels

Augers, Hollow/solid Flight, Hand Augers soil/sand, Spiral/2 prong bits

Ausroc Drilling Products (Aussie Diamond Products) Gemco/Edson Products

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products - The Original Manufacturer.

Bailers Disposable and Re-Useable in Stainless/Teflon/PVC/Polyethylene

Boart Longyear Drilling Consumables and Geotechnical Equipment

Bournedrill Blades Bits, Subs, Drill Rods

Brewis Towing Heads, Swivels and Sonde Housings

Condamine Stainless Steel Screens for Monitoring and Water wells

Core Trays - Mining/Geotechnical/Environmental - Polystyrene/wood blocks

Deps Baroid Products & PVC Screens/Casing/Pumps for Water well and Environmental Monitoring

Directional Rods/Towing Heads/Reamers/Bits/Hammers/wipers/Swivels/Chains

Drillers World NT Darwin Baroid drilling products

DTH  Hammers/Bits and Oil for Vertical, Horizontal and Directional Drilling

Environmental Products for Testing, Monitoring, Sampling and Remediation

EVH Manufacturing Products, Drill Rigs and Gemco/Edson Spare Parts

Ezi-probe Small drill rigs for 4w drives or Trailers

Fann Testing equipment for checking Drilling Viscosities, pH values, etc

Flexidrill Directional Drill Rigs for small jobs

Filters and Syringes for Sampling, Filter Socks, Decon 90

Geotechnical System products incl: Inclinometer Casing, Geo-Fabric

Grease for Threads incl: Moly, Z50 lead free, Kopa Coat and Environmental

Halco/Sandvik/Digger/Secoroc DTH Hammers for Vertical, Horizontal & Directional Drilling

Manhole Covers and Monuments, Lockable caps and Padlocks

Mobile drilling products, Augers, Bits, etc

No-Dig Equipment, Horizontal boring machines, Directional equipment

PolyCom Stabilisation and Compaction Agent

Ridgid Tools, Rock rollers, Drill Rods, Rockmaster, 3/4 way Blade Bits, PCD Bits 

Spill Control Products and Safety Equipment - Truck/Ute Spill Kits - Gloves

Sands, Cements and Bentonite for Monitoring Wells

Waggs grout pumps and mixing systems

Water Tanks Rapid Spray Polyethylene Tanks and Spraying equipment.

Water Well rehabilitation Products -  Water Well Level Indicators

Water Swivels 2J King, Boart Longyear Compact & Universal


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