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JET-LUBE NCS-30 ECF is a premium quality, nonmetallic compound containing chemically inert fibers and EXTREME PRESSURE and ANTI-WEAR additives. These are blended into Jet-Lube's biodegradable base grease, which gives a wide temperature range, superior adhesion to wet steel surfaces, resistance to water wash off and the ability to withstand invert and high-pH muds.

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Product Specification

  • Color : Beige
  • Thickener : Complex Thickener
  • Fluid Type : Synthetic and Vegetable
  • Specific Gravity, Typical : 1.30
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Product Features

  • Designed for optimum performance on all Rotary-Shouldered connections such as Tool Joints and Drill Collars
  • It can also be used on premium/proprietary thread designs such as Double-Shouldered, Wedge Thread™*, and other types of mechanical seal designs

Product Benefits

  • Contains no metals
  • Excellent performance on high-chrome or nickel alloys
  • Nonconductive for MWD applications
  • Biodegradable, bioaccumulation potential-free and non-toxic
  • Protection on Wedge Thread

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