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AQF-2™ foaming agent is an anionic surfactant which can be added to fresh water for air/foam, air/gel-foam, or mist drilling applications.

AQF-2™ foaming agent is packaged in 5-gal (19-liter) plastic containers or in 55-gal (208 liter) drums.

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Product Specification

  • Appearance : Light yellow, transparent liquid
  • Specific gravity : 1.038
  • pH (10% solution) : 6.5 – 8.5
  • Flash point : 142°F (61°C)
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Product Features

  • Enhance the efficiency of cuttings removal
  • Increase the ability to lift large volumes of water
  • Improve hole-cleaning capability of the airstream
  • Reduce the sticking tendencies of wet clays, minimizing the risk of mud rings and wall packing
  • Reduce erosion of poorly consolidated formations
  • Drilling in zones with lost circulation
  • Increase borehole stability
  • Reduce air-volume requirement

Product Benefits

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified
  • Elevated flash point for easier shipping
  • High quality, high expansion foam with a consistency similar to shaving foam
  • High stability with excellent retention time
  • Proven product for multi-discipline application

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