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IDP-214, rod grease, is a high quality, easily applied formulation designed to help dampen high frequency vibration created in continuous wire line coring operations due to the absence of active fluid returns or static fluid level within the annular space.

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Product Specification

  • Appearance : Amber paste
  • Melting point, °F, °C : >450, >232
  • Density : 8.3 lb/gal, (1.0 g/cm³)
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Product Features

  • Reduce drill rod vibration
  • Reduce drill rod torque and drag
  • Minimize rod sticking
  • Minimize wear on drill string
  • Improve core recovery
  • Extend bit life through reduction in vibration

Product Benefits

  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Good adhesion to metal
  • Stable at wide range of temperatures
  • Highly water resistant (provides good corrosion protection)
  • Chemically stable in use and storage

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