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QUIK-TROL® GOLD, highly dispersable, polyanionic cellulosic (PAC) polymer, provides ease of mixing and improved filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids.

QUIK-TROL GOLD, highly dispersable polymer, when added to an AQUAGEL®, QUIK-GEL® or BORE-GEL® slurry, yields a low filtrate drilling fluid system suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations.

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Product Specification

  • Appearance : Off white, granular powder
  • pH (1% solution) : 6.0 - 8.0
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Product Features

  • Disperses and hydrates effectively at low shear
  • Provides filtration control in water-based drilling fluids
  • Promotes borehole stability in water sensitive formations
  • Minimizes rotational torque and circulating pressure
  • Improves hole cleaning and core recovery
  • Enhances foam properties to improve cuttings transport in air/foam drilling

Product Benefits

  • Effective in fresh, salt and brackish water-based drilling fluids
  • Non-fermenting
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified
  • Compatible with other Baroid drilling fluid additives

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